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Warranty Policy

1. Free warranty case:
Product warranty is: to fix failures, technical problems that occur due to the fault of the Manufacturer.
– The product is warranted if the product has a warranty period calculated from the date of delivery.
– The warranty period is stated on the Warranty Card and according to the regulations of each Manufacturer for all technical problems.
– There is a warranty card and warranty stamp of the manufacturer on the product.
– Warranty products will comply with the warranty provisions of each Manufacturer for technical problems.
 2. The following cases will not be covered by the warranty (repairs are charged):
– Products that cannot be traced back to NEXTONE COMPANY or its partners have the right to warranty disclaimer.
– The product has expired or lost the warranty card.
– Warranty card, Warranty stamp is torn, there is no warranty stamp, Warranty stamp is overwritten or modified.
– Warranty card does not specify the Serial number and date of purchase.
– The serial number on the machine and the Warranty Card do not match or cannot be determined for any reason.
– The product is damaged due to mechanical impact of dropping, splashing heavy objects on the product, breaking, impacting, scratching, denting, damp, rusting, leaking or due to fire, lightning, natural disaster. cause.
– The product shows signs of damage caused by rats or insects.
– The product is damaged due to improper use of the manual, using the wrong voltage.
– Arbitrarily dismantling, changing product structure, using incorrect instructions, using incorrect components. Repaired by individuals or technicians who are not employees of NEXTONE COMPANY.
* Note: Customers come for warranty on working days from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. during the day (Saturday and Sunday are off).

3. Charged repair cases.

– In case the goods you buy at our company but are in the cases not covered by the warranty mentioned above, we will receive repair for a fee (if you request). Or we can refer you to the manufacturer’s address to repair directly for you.

.- The repair fee will be negotiated by us or the Manufacturer with you.